Imprint in motion


Imprint in motion is a cross-media project fusing the fine arts, contemporary dance, music and film making. The project focuses on a human body in great variety of plastic forms whereas the space of the museum of Classic Art serves as the venue for this artistic experiment. Unfettered by the Word, fixed in sculptures or moving in dance, a human body reinterprets stories rooted in the history of West European civilization.




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J.S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio – Ballet by John Neumeier

«Ликуйте, возрадуйтесь!»: Ноймайер, Бах и Рождество

3 February, Friday

19:00 Galereya Chizhova

Language: German, russian subtitles


Ранний шедевр Дмитрия Чернякова – новаторская постановка классической русской оперы в мюнхенской Bayerische

5 February, Sunday

18:00 Spartak

Language: Russian, russian subtitles

The Nutcracker Reloaded

Tchaikovsky meets Streetdance. Nutcracker like you have never seen it before.

12 February, Sunday

18:00 Spartak

Language: Swedish, russian subtitles


Мир страстей великих художников

26 February, Sunday

18:00 Spartak

Language: Russian, no subtitles